Want to know which kind of box will be suitable or how the different styles of boxes are assembled?

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The Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) is the most common and economical box style to manufacture. The length panel flaps of the RSC  meet at the center of the box on both the top and bottom.
Style Gallery RSC
 The Half-Slotted Carton (HSC) is much like the RSC but with flaps only on one end, leaving an open top on the other end.
Style Gallery HSC
The Sleeve and Caps Set is designed for very large items. It uses a tray as the top and bottom of the box. The trays extend over a large cardboard sleeve that covers the remainder of your product
Style Gallery SleeveCaps
The Corner Cut Folder (CCF) is designed for flat items. Its unique design allows it to have multiple scores and therefore allow flexibility as to how much they can hold.  The CCF is very well suited for shipping books, videos, picture frames.
Style Gallery CCF
The Five Panel Folder (5PF), when assembled, has multi-layered corrugated ends that make it an excellent container for the shipment of long, flat items.  It is supplied flat for you to wrap around your product and sealed at the ends by your means.
Style Gallery 5pf
The Five Panel Folder – Center Fold (5PFCF) is much like the five panel folder above. With the CF5PF, you set your product on the box and wrap the box around it. The difference is, with the CF5PF the flaps come together in the center of the top of the box. This type of box is best for shipping flat items like framed items and signs
Style Gallery CF5PF
The Partition Element is available for making partition dividers for separating or supporting your products
Style Gallery Partitions
The Full Flap Slotted Carton’s (FFSC) has outer flaps that fully overlap.  This offers extra strength and support and is particularly suitable to cartons that have a narrow width.
Style Gallery FFSC